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 CSR Activities

CSR is a big part of what we are about at Ibom Power and over the years the company has done tremendously well in addressing social challenges in the community which it operates including the following:


  1. Donated 30 million for community development across the five (5) clans in Ikot Abasi
  2. Secured a 30MVA transformer for the construction of Ikot Abasi substation
  3. Sponsored skills acquisition for Artisans in Ikpetim community and gave N150,000 to each artisan to start up their own business
    Funded the acquisition of a cassava grinding mill for Ikpetim women
  4. Annual end of the year gift items given to widows in Ikot Abasi communities
  5. Sponsored eye screening for aged persons in Ikot Abasi community
  6. Sponsored medical treatment for aged persons in Ikot Abasi at the company’s retained medical facility
  7. Engage community youths in our traffic control programme

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