The Management of Ibom Power Company (IPC) is implementing a Capacity Building Programme (CBP). This programme was created as part of the company’s policy on business continuity and performance enhancement.

CBP is a learning platform to train and develop participants’ competency in electric power business operations. The programme is limited to a maximum of 40 participants at any given time.

The training programme includes internship, apprenticeship, industrial training for Polytechnic and University students along with members of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) posted to IPC.

Since July 2014 when the programme commenced, the CBP initiative has been beneficial to candidates from across the three (3) Senatorial Districts in Akwa Ibom State. Thus far, at least 64 individuals have been involved. When there are openings for employment in the company, some CBP candidates are considered based on their performance.

Over the years, staff of Ibom power have been recruited by other power companies in Nigeria and the Middle East. The capacity building programme (CBP) serves as a ‘pipeline’ to train potential replacements for any employee who chooses to take an appointment somewhere else.

With the CBP and our succession plan, we will always have people ready to step-in as the need arises.


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  1. The strateegy of building capacity for continuous improvement is laudable. But technical/operational capacity must be complemented with managerial capacity in the areas of human, financial and material resource management to achieve sustained intended results and impact.
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